Keep Your Voices Low

by Viacheslav Lazurin

Welcome to our museum! Please seat yourself there and let me connect you to this thing. We call it mind-expanding machine. Visually, it resembles an ancient phonograph, doesn’t it? Assuming you know what a phonograph is. Assuming such things still exist in your constellation. If not, there is one example in the next room within the same dimension. You may check it out later. Not the real one, of course, just a reflection in a controlled time curve.

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Giants in the Earth: An Interview with Steven Moore

Editor’s note: In September of this year, Steven Moore’s new book, Alexander Theroux: A Fan’s Notes, will be released by Zerogram Press. Among other things, I hope this interview whets your appetite for Theroux’s books and that you spend a healthy part of the year reading or rereading him in preparation for Moore’s book. Here is a description of Alexander Theroux: A Fan’s Notes: “Since the publication of his first novel in 1972, Alexander Theroux has won great acclaim for his dazzling style and forceful intellect. That first novel, Three Wogs, was named Book of the Year by Encyclopedia Britannica, and his second, Darconville’s Cat, was nominated for the National Book Award. Since then he has gone on to publish 20 more books and has been the subject of several interviews and academic studies. This is the first book-length study of Theroux’s complete body of work-novels, fables and short stories, nonfiction books, poetry, journalism-concluding with a chapter on his contentious relationship with his best-selling brother Paul Theroux. Critic Steven Moore, who has known Theroux for nearly forty years and helped with the publication of some of his books, illuminates Theroux work in a scholarly yet accessible style. While appreciative of most of what Theroux has written, Moore doesn’t shirk from what he regards as some of his weaker efforts in order to provide a balanced evaluation of this unique writer. Moore’s book will appeal to Theroux’s fan base as well as to students of modern American literature”

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Scraps: An Excerpt from Unidentified man at left of photo

The following conversation occurred in that stage of a friendship where, after you meet someone who might become a friend, you enter a period of distrust or suspicion that the other fellow is going to turn out to be untrustworthy, or a mooch. You get glimmers of what’s going to be unlikeable in him, and wonder if you can get used to it. When that phase passes you’ll be better friends, if you’re lucky. For Ed and Joe, that hadn’t happened yet. They’d meet at bars, clubs, their apartments, at the movies where they complained about the uncomfortable seats in City Cinema, but they hadn’t developed the habit of dropping by each other’s place unannounced. Until today, and by today is meant the section of fiction that follows.

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One Thousand and None Nights: An Interview with Rhys Hughes

George Salis: You’ve been working on an ambitious project, a 1000 story cycle titled Pandora’s Bluff that you’ve nearly finished. What can you tell me about it? It’s one story less than the Arabian Nights. Do the Nights have any influence on this project?

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