Math Is An Enlightened Demand

Math Is An Enlightened Demand

a crash solution
to light chaos
the neon pressure
in an evolution sun

the Turing Machine
a forgiveness experiment
a genius worth more than
the world’s too late
apology malfunction

Our First Identity In This Life Thing

is only a
reference human 
an unwilling start
crude branched frame
and weight meeting
cheap electric
jumpstarted by
our parents
wired in meaning

we are then
augmented by
coded with expression
and empathy fusing
an upright spine
given the power
to outrun our
original primitive

Too Soon Children Learn The Cadence Of A Forked Tongue

whistle of heat
as hands just miss
encased in arms
the rest of the body
forced to grasp flight

paulie lipman is a jewish queer poet, performer, and novelist out of Denver, CO by way of too many damn places. a two time national poetry slam finalist, their work has appeared in The Emerson Review, voicemail poems, ellipsis, Prisma: Zeitblatt Fur Text & Sprache (Germany), and Protimluv (Czech Republic). they are the author of the poetry collections “from below/denied the light” and the upcoming “sad bastard soundtrack: songs of faith and distortion” (Swimming With Elephants Publications).

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