Beneath this opal encirclement,
my interlocutors are not
the sterile insinuations
of ratiocination
or the fanatical mysticisms
of ideologues

but a stygian crow
thundering mimesis
                                      (in the spherical shape          
                                    of tremblings
                                    with bemused euphorias

from his perch on a fence traversing
the chaos of my brain’s right hemisphere,

where the wildernesses of becoming
swirl in primeval unconsciousness,

birth-ready       ecstatic                       fulsome                      shimmering,
dark                magisterial       sonorous        effervescent.

Tadhg’s Invocation of the Supra-Rational
from Tadhg: A Life

be unto this honeysuckle tongue that exuberance a sung song of wine-soaked syllables

she is that pale goddess
rising from the seas
and aureate entangled
sailing me slowly
to the Mag Mell of the heart

Bryan Edward Helton is a poet and fiction writer from Georgia. His work has been published in Night Picnic Journal and The Showbear.

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