A relation with an octagonal doubt babysits
lately, the zest of living dwells in frustration
and practices calisthenics at the crossroads of
unprecedented shipwreck. Some precipitated
blues of typhoons surface intermittently to 
mend their fragileness. There’s a bit of
see-through agony in a bulbul’s nest. Our
subsistence clairvoyantly daydreams for a
piece of music or a pinch of anaesthesia.
I get an invitation from another troupe to
talk sex education. Did we ever say goodbyes
to our bloody friction? There’re even thousand
years’ hope in a coffin of chromosomes. Yet,
a longitude of the commonality crisscrosses the
history to stay fresh like a resuscitated pneuma.


The yellow leaf of the Petal: a wrinkle 
which is inevitable to fall, grey hair
the grey retinas of the stock exchange
can’t be hidden; that’s bitterness      
camouflaged: though not a zigzag question
can you sieve the perceptions?
The sea betrays the unwanted waves
shells are decorated on the sandy abdomen
oftentimes age suffers from thyroid problem
late December is always meddlesome 
it wishes to align with high pressure 
and perfume the sepulchre of asthma 
by the way that’s only a hypothesis 
you can propose your theory sensitively
the full moon is abandoned  
is it the somnambulist’s lively inaptness?

Pitambar Naik is an award-winning poet and writer from India and the author of The Anatomy of Solitude, a book of poetry (Hawakal Publishers, Kolkata). His work is forthcoming in Queer Poetry of South Asia: HarperCollins India and has appeared in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine, Vayavya, Literary Orphans, Stag Hill Literary Journal, Mad Swirl, Occulum, The Mark Literary Review, Mojave Heart Review, Best Indian Poetry, The Turnpike Magazine and The Oddville Press among others.

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