The Musk Marrows

The Musk Marrows

The cryptic kürtőskalács
Stir the wanton greed herd
Dimes and catacombs
For a filigreed of gulp

Skewed on a stream of tears
Sacs of cusped colours
Hemmed holocausts of hyacinths
In the soul peel of dusk

The memory dunes bury walls
With sound-fed shadows
A puritan euphemism on threshold
Discs brimmed with desiccated clouds

The creepers of sky crawlers
Blood rinse the pungent breeze stem
Wither the tugs of mirror lanterns
Vein wicked on fair colossal

The moon macaroons camped
On the folk coast of mind’s tangerine stew
The delinquent milky mile of spurns
Winnowed in the fallopian hours of a queue.

The chakra Sherpa siphons hyde hectares
Over the rust stack of inhaled dusk
Throbbing the wheels of dream’s solitude
As a honeycomb nodding into a cactus cusp.

The Collar

Holophrases of glances
Brambled in dust
Pugmarks of breath
Tagged to sky’s enamel.

The kiln of clouds
Coal the sob sprouts
The squatting darkness
Growls at the pulpit’s riot.

The masked dawn tosses
Tors and lanes of pauses
Browing the street of fables
On the oasis of stoic mercury.

The kinsmen of deserted echoes
Tan the barks of orchards
Cratered by the javelin of memories
The cemetery of amber hours.

The sand tinkles the steam
Tender near its well-bones
Snowing in the guise of belch
A flight of kites in cavern cold.

The Scaffolding of a Smoke

At the crossroads of a pain
Buried under a truant tear
Cocooned a cracked mild whisper
Dallying over the glance’s seer.

Ebbing was the thought’s ectopic womb
Fostering the moon’s neurotic shade
Gappling for the thorns of pauses
Humbled into the night’s riverbed.

Intuitively scaffolded at a smoke peel
Jostling with the conifers of meter
Kindled beneath the debris of echoes
Laced with the pulse of aching ether

Muraled between the crevice of soul
Nyling through the veins of quotes
Ossified blessings of a burning pyre
Parrying liberated breaths of praying oaths

Question of a self sabotage, as if
Ransom rites of a pensive solitude
Shivering in inklight, a carcass of words
Mortal morsels of a riding prelude.

The Campfire of Thoughts

A serpent’s sapphire cusped into fleshy castle
Wriggles breath towards its umbilical isle
As the dove couplet nosedive into shower of light
The soul roves through its spiritual mile.

The nerves dally through the melting masks
With untusselled sensory tattoos culturing maim
The spine blossoms buds of blue nectar
And pulse untoils to harvest a nude flame

The scalene crows of thoughts perch
Over the mind mole’s iambic barbs
Consciousness camphors into an ephemeral echo
A mosaic of known & not, warmly warp

The seven heavens wave through time’s epitaph
And instincts curdle for the transcendental bride
The self surrenders to blissful cosmic ambience
Whence peripheries borne immortal homicide

Like a Christ, rising from the shed of flesh 
Lotus, thousands, bank upon the blood shore
Or like a Buddha, becoming gold in tar coasts
Mysterious madness of a nuptial lunar mellow

The joy-combs brilliantly spill over the tepid bone-canes
And flourishes fearless heart’s faith fluorescence
Pristine smiles ozonise arid eye acres
The drunk self festively tugs at spirit’s brimmed conch

Jyoti Mugalikar-Patil lives in Pune, India. Her poems have been published by Switchback Journal, Poetry Nation, Soft Cartel, and Story Mirror. She works as a visiting faculty in English.

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